Multiple Accounts....Sorta

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19-09-2005 15:44:41

Is it only a problem if you have more than 1 green from each household, or is it still a problem if you have more than 1 yellow from each household?

I accidentally reffered family members, but luckily i read the FAQ before they did the offer, and wondering if this could put my account on hold or not.


19-09-2005 16:02:07

You might get put on hold...who knows.


19-09-2005 17:03:02

who knows? Help the dude man

Send a ticket through Customer Support, and explain your situation. You can also tell them that you can contact the members from your household to also send a ticket to put their accounts in Unactivated.


19-09-2005 18:15:38

What if I sign up for and a, is that allowed?


20-09-2005 04:45:26



20-09-2005 17:02:53

I PMed jake, he said i'm alright. Thanks guys.