Real Arcade working right now???

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18-09-2005 16:13:07

Hey folks! I know that there is already a topic about realarcade out there, but that one seems to be filled with people wondering about whether or not the credit is going to come for the offer. My problem is I can't even get the site (realarcade) to pull up from the freepay nano site. For some reason the link will take me to the page like it's working and the little popup with the requirements shows up, but the actualy registration page has an error. I have been trying all weekend to sign up for the offer, has anyone else had problems accessing the real arcade site from the freepay nano site? I wanted to start this new thread to see if anyone else had this problem, as I figured there may be some people who aren't reading the longer thread anymore due to the fact that they probably know what's in there for the most part already, so please people don't get extremely angry about this new thread, if you have a problem please just ignore it because I really want to sign up for this offer, but the site seems to be down. please let me know if you know anything about why it won't work. Thanks!


18-09-2005 16:20:02

Sorry, I did RealRhapsody instead of Real Arcade.

Yeah, it does not work.


18-09-2005 16:30:52

I tried it,its messed up i get wwww wwww www url


18-09-2005 16:45:43

hoping they took the downtime to figure out and credit all those who did their offer.


19-09-2005 13:06:21

Is the offer gone for good now? My gf tried to do it and it says the offer is unavailable... Is it going to come back?


19-09-2005 15:50:27

Hopefully they credit the offers


19-09-2005 16:01:29

Seems Rhapsody is gone,but I still see RealArcade


19-09-2005 17:53:14

Yup same situation as autiger... i've been trying to do realarcade for the past 3 days now and it shows up as an error... errrrrrrrrrrr! Hopefully Jake can report this to gratis