joined, but offer not completed??

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17-09-2005 18:58:31

it says joined, but offer not completed??

what does that mean?

i did a search but couldn't find any good info

i thought it meant like i sent out an email but i didn't send it through freepay site


17-09-2005 19:03:23

means they haven't completed an offer....


17-09-2005 19:13:14

lol, my bad...

also, said

User did not join via referral link.


17-09-2005 20:07:28

if they did not join via referral link, how can they appear on your page?


17-09-2005 20:09:33

[quote26f1276ff3="n3il89"]lol, my bad...

also, said

User did not join via referral link.[/quote26f1276ff3]

oh you didnt mention that, yah that sometimes happens but it shouldnt because otherwise they wouldnt be on your page... if they turn green then I would PM Jake about it.


17-09-2005 20:13:35

[quote521ca0370e="tpham2006"]if they did not join via referral link, how can they appear on your page?[/quote521ca0370e]

That's weird, I've seen it happened to others and happened to my acct. too.
Probably something screwed up on their database.


17-09-2005 21:11:35

[quote36d3c8ee80="n3il89"]lol, my bad...

also, said

User did not join via referral link.[/quote36d3c8ee80]

I never understood that they say the system will put your referrals on your list automatically and if they are not there then it must be due to human error...well then you have users who "did not join via referral link."...

This is an excerpt from the faq pages

[quote36d3c8ee80][b36d3c8ee80]I believe someone I referred has joined, but I do not see them under my status page.[/b36d3c8ee80]

Our referral system will automatically credit your account if your referral has signed up at our site via your referral link. If you believe someone actually did sign up by clicking your link, but under the status page it says they have not joined, a couple of things could have happened.
1. You possibly mistyped that personís email address when you referred them.
2. They joined but did not come to the site from clicking on your referral link. They must come from that link in order for us to track proper credit. NOTE some browsers remove our referral link. Also some users who leave the site before joining, and then come back later, will not be credited.
3. The user thought they signed up, but actually never did fully.

If they successfully joined via your link, our system will track it and give you credit.[/quote36d3c8ee80]

[quote36d3c8ee80][b36d3c8ee80]One of my referrals says joined but not via my link.[/b36d3c8ee80]

Your referrals MUST join by clicking on your exact referral link, and then complete the sign up process entirely. If they did not click that link, and join, we cannot give you credit. Some applications strip out your referral link, and some people leave off the www for some reason. We also recommend using Internet Explorer 6.0+ as your browser.

We CANNOT retroactively link up accounts after the fact, so if you didn't get credit for a referral, then we are sorry, but you will simply have to refer more people. [/quote36d3c8ee80]

So if anything goes wrong that will give you one less referral then it's human error...and they do not give you the option of contacting them to rectify the situation...if they feel that something went wrong that gave you one more referral than you "should have" then it's an error in the system and they revoke the referral and there really is nothing you can do about it...

I can understand that FreePay is a company who combat a lot of fraud and attempts to "hack" the system on a daily basis...when you're offering free items of relatively high value you have to cover your ass when it comes to possible loopholes or exploits...I just feel that this mentality of "the system is perfect, if it didn't work it's your fault" mixed with the "oh it looks like the system made a mistake so we're going to take away the referral" doesn't really seem to be "right"...

I'm not saying that Freepay is looking to scam anyone not letting random referrals go through and blaming it on human error...and I understand that if a referral was obtained in an unacceptable fashion, then Freepay has the right to take the referral away...I'm just saying that no software system is perfect, to achieve perfection in software is simply not feasible...not allowing customers to contact you and rectify a referral situation stating that it MUST have been human error does not sound right to me...some people have to work really hard to convince the few people that are willing to even listen that Freepay and their sponsors are not "scammers" and the whole "freebie" thing is legit...when something goes wrong in the process, be it human error or software error there should be a system set in place to resolve the error...

Is it right to tell a user that they cannot retroactively link up accounts but then turn around and retroactively unlink accounts? Both times not giving the user a specific reason and not allowing them to contact support to find out whats wrong? I'm not saying they should just link up accounts on request, but I'm sure its not hard to do a quick check that the account in question is a new unique account...they could even get more detailed information from the affected parties to verify that indeed the referral intended to sign up under the referrer...

Sorry about the run on post, just had to get that out of my system...