Color vs. Nano .....What Do You Prefer?

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16-09-2005 15:29:04

the IPOD 20 GB or the Ipod Nano

Some may want more capacity, some want durability

Which do you prefer?


16-09-2005 15:34:12

the reason i did was to get more space cuz my mini cant hold anymore. ive got 4 referrals done and the last should come in in about 3 days. w00t!


16-09-2005 15:36:02

screw the nanos, i used to have a 60gb and it was the best.


16-09-2005 15:37:59

More space = more songs


16-09-2005 22:18:16

Yeah I would take the 20 gb any day....the difference in physical ssize is not that significant of a factor


16-09-2005 23:19:35

I want both. lol


16-09-2005 23:58:11

I personally do not have that many mp3s and 4 Gig should be more than enough for me...However I've been reading a lot about iPodLinux and would LOVE to play movies on a 4G 20 Gig...More Storage, Bigger Screen...

The issues I have with the 20 Gig are size and the hdd. From what I understand a flash based unit should be a lot more durable, and after all the horror stories I have heard about HDDs failing I'm a little uneasy about the 20 Gig.

I'm so conflicted!