know of any good congas for freeipodnanos?

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14-09-2005 23:52:50

i would like to join one of the 'fast' moving conga lines, but don't know where to look................


14-09-2005 23:59:53

Any good conga for nano would be pretty full now. You have to be one of the top 3 in my opinion to get it to work. But we don't really talk about congas here.


15-09-2005 00:03:03

its ok to talk about congas, just not ok to post links and shit to them.


15-09-2005 06:50:20

IMHO, congas do nothing more than generate extra revenue for Freepay and other free site operators. They tend to move fairly slow and people past page 2 or 3 are typically SOL. Some people just give up hope after a while of waiting on these conga lines. However, certain others demand something with quicker results and more interaction (and believe that their efforts make a difference in the end result). Hence, that is why a buyer/seller market is thriving here on FiPG.


15-09-2005 13:36:47

Hi nl5, I know an honest conga line that I joined for my freeiPod. This site has been operating for a while now so it seems like it can be trusted. They've just setup a new conga line for and, so the lines are still very short right now. Sorry, I had to remove the link. If you're interested, pm me.


15-09-2005 13:41:02

Dude, if you didn't at least read the rules, you can read the post by A MOD in this thread that says don't post conga links. See ya, bye