Having trouble submitting a trouble ticket

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14-09-2005 21:36:12

I want to check on the status of a credit for an offer I completed on a freepay site. I gave them a nice, complete explanation, but I'm unable to submit the ticket. Whenever I try, I get a red error message that says
[quote6553b2faf6]NOTE Please select an Offer Type.
Please enter the approximate date of completion. [/quote6553b2faf6]

My e-mail has both the date and the offer I completed.

Any ideas? This is pretty annoying.



14-09-2005 22:13:16

Are you using Firefox or maybe Mozilla?

I noticed that some of the forms look different in IE than other browsers....there are more fields in that form most likely...try that!

Good Luck!


19-09-2005 04:52:49

Yeah, it won't work in Firefox. Just open up in Internet Explorer, and you'll be fine.