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14-09-2005 16:58:53

Has anyone done this offer? How long did you wait for credit
(if youve gotten credit for it)


14-09-2005 17:16:47

1 of my refs had to wait 7 days,to get credited. on that day he got credited ) hope that helps.


14-09-2005 17:23:55

I am still waiting for it....

It has been about 8 days now.


14-09-2005 17:41:14

[quotef6b0894826="thehacker010"]I am still waiting for it....

It has been about 8 days now.[/quotef6b0894826]

Maybe tomorrow. For me -

Did Offer - (Welcome to Complete Home e-mail) Sept 6
Credit - today Sept 14


14-09-2005 17:55:32

did the offer on the 7th as did 3 of my refs. none of us have gotten credit.

EDIT I JUST got credit as did one of my refs.


14-09-2005 18:13:37

I got the Welcome to Complete Home email 09/07, still no credit for me, I hope it's soon


14-09-2005 18:44:07

I completed this offer on 9/7 for

The offer credited on 9/12.

The person for whom I completed the offer got banned yesterday.



14-09-2005 18:45:10

another one! im at 4 now. didnt know gratis credited this late.


14-09-2005 20:05:18

wow i guess i'll have to wait till the 17th to green
thanks for the input guys


14-09-2005 20:12:43

one of my refs didnt get a confirmation email. think he will still have a problem?


15-09-2005 15:59:03

Two of my refs did complete home also on tuesday, no credit yet for either of them. But I'll wait the week out.


15-09-2005 16:15:41

Post back when you guys start going green, because I have been waiting to go green for around 9 days now...


15-09-2005 20:39:05

I got credit for it like 4 or 5 buisness days after I did it...I think I did it on the 7th, a Wednesday later at night, and I got credit monday or tuesday of this good luck to you all )


15-09-2005 20:46:12

I got credit literally instantly on yourfreeflatscreen, but I don't know what the situation is with gratis.


16-09-2005 10:03:08

Several of my referrals (me including) did it, and we got credit in the last 2 days (all did the offer when ipodnano started)


16-09-2005 10:11:13

I did it on the 10th so hopefully it'll only be another day or so and I'll get credit.


16-09-2005 10:36:00

I believe i got credit for this in 5 days, not a bad offer


17-09-2005 13:51:54

I just got credit for this offer, it took exactly 7 days.


17-09-2005 14:41:23

Well, I got my two $10 cards for Lowe's, but I still have yet to receive credit. Looks like I will be sending in a support ticket next week...


17-09-2005 15:35:00

I got credit on the 9th day


17-09-2005 18:14:04

my friend did it and got credit in a week.


20-09-2005 05:03:38

Got credit in 7 days.