Which would u rather

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13-09-2005 20:39:27

i just completed freeipods.com, should i pick the 20 gig color or the 4 gig nano?


13-09-2005 20:44:01


drum attacks

13-09-2005 20:46:44

I like the space..I'd go for the 20g


13-09-2005 20:53:50

get the nano, sell it, pocket $50 and go buy the 20GB with your student discount.


13-09-2005 23:39:54

[quoted0db034c57="doylnea"]get the nano, sell it, pocket $50 and go buy the 20GB with your student discount.[/quoted0db034c57]

wtf?... the 20GB is worth wayyyyy more (at least it is in Canada)...
i say get the 20gb, sell it to a close person, buy the nano and you'll still have some money left ) )


14-09-2005 00:17:08

depends if you are looking for style or capacity.

style=black nano
capacity=colour 20GB.



14-09-2005 04:22:10

Go for the Nano, I was lookin at em in Circuit city and they're freakin hot.. Also, 5000 songs is alot do you have that many or think you will?


14-09-2005 04:23:58

I never thought I'd have much more than 1,000 songs.. but this past weekend my father in law loaned me his entire CD collection.. I'll probably be close to 3,000 when I'm done.


14-09-2005 05:27:24

I'd personally go with the 20gb, more space = more music = some good times.


14-09-2005 06:42:42

yeah, I would go with capacity. I am getting photo and nano because I got around 40gb of music, so one will hold all my music, and the other will hold the stuff I want to listen to that day.


14-09-2005 08:56:37

Im not sure Ill even fill the 4 gigs, let alone 20. Thats why I was leaning towards the nano


14-09-2005 10:01:23

I'm faced with the same decision...I personally don't have that much music so I may opt for a Nano, but then again a flash drive will not be as long lasting as a harddrive...The flash drive will die eventually after a certain numder of writes to it...

Anyone have any insight taking this into consideration? How long is the expected life of the flash memory?


14-09-2005 10:30:46

I just called apple support, they are having some problems with nanos having a hard time being recognized by windows and having exclemation marks on folders? what ever that means


14-09-2005 10:40:51

Go for whatever model that has the highest $$ value.
Incase you might want to sell it later.


14-09-2005 12:12:28

i dont plan on listening to my 26 days (time length) worth of music in one sitting. go with the nano.


14-09-2005 23:36:44

Nah don't get the nano. The 20gb can hold much more + it can act as a portable hard drive. Nano's as someone said, will die out due to being flash-based.


15-09-2005 06:42:50

Nanos won't have much more of a problem than your 20gb.


15-09-2005 06:43:42

Absolutely get the 20gig! That way if you ultimately decide not to keep it you can sell it for $300 and then do the IpodNanos.Freepay site.


15-09-2005 06:47:23

How's the actual battery life expectancy between the two? Since the battery isn't easily replacable I think that it would be a major factor in my decision. I've heard of people who've had their batteries die in less than 2 years and what not...will a flash based player be more beneficial to overall battery life?


15-09-2005 13:41:08

People are almost done developing a stripped down version of Linux for the 4th Gen 20Gb iPods. So I would go with the 20Gb one.


15-09-2005 13:51:21

I concurr with this guy ^ lol WOOO LINUX!!


15-09-2005 18:18:10

Have they managed to make it so that you cna actually listen to your mp3s loaded in Linux? Last I heard you still needed to boot back into the factory OS to play music...

I'd be interested to know when they can get Ogg Vorbis players to run smoothly in linux...that would be NICE!


15-09-2005 19:08:00

you can listen to music in linux. as long as the bitrate isnt above 128kbps


15-09-2005 19:43:52

wait a minute, the dude finished Freeipods, how can he choose the Ipod Nano?


15-09-2005 20:02:03

They let you pick the Nano from the dropdown menu now...


15-09-2005 20:05:59

ya, but i just got approved. and i checked in the drop down menu and i didnt' see it?


15-09-2005 20:12:53

Uncompressed AVIs can be played with Linux installed, but currently has no sound yet. I thought they only had trouble playing MP3s lower than 128kbps, but maybe I remembered wrong.


15-09-2005 20:20:38

So the only problem right now is playing mp3s at above 128?

I don't listen to mp3s at that high anyways...I wonder how much different it would be to port it to the Nano as it seems to be pretty similar to the 4G iPod


15-09-2005 21:32:29

I just checked, iPod linux can play MP3s above 128kbps. It can even play OGG Vorbis now. http//ipodlinux.org/


15-09-2005 22:11:45

That's very nice to hear....this might sway my decision to the 20Gig instead of the nano...hmmmm...such a hard decision...lol


16-09-2005 07:31:29

[quote78876d1172="doylnea"]get the nano, sell it, pocket $50 and go buy the 20GB with your student discount.[/quote78876d1172]

Isn't this backwards? The 20GB is $299 while the Nano is $249. So get the 20GB, return it to the Apple Store (if you can), and get store credit. Then buy the Nano with your student discount (~$229) and now you have an extra $70 for accessories or whatever.


16-09-2005 08:37:00

or sell it on amazon or ebay or something

i never tried selling stuff online, what do i do?

anybody can answer the steps?