how long to get approved

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13-09-2005 18:54:45

hey guys i just got my 5th referral for freepsps and applied for approval . I was just wondering how long it took you guys to get approved?


13-09-2005 18:59:52

2-3 days is the usual for me.


13-09-2005 19:02:25



13-09-2005 19:13:00

depends. i have only done one freepay site (minimacs) and i got approved the next day. archon810 got approved on his nano an hour later. really just depends on the site.


14-09-2005 15:19:10

ok i asked fo r it yesterday so i should be approve tommorow


14-09-2005 15:19:34

ihave 8 greens and i only need 5 will that help my chances


14-09-2005 15:45:43

[quote0f51655e84="alat115"]ihave 8 greens and i only need 5 will that help my chances[/quote0f51655e84]

If for some reason one of your referrals go "red," you'll have extra "greens" to back you up. It doesn't speed up approval time, but it does hold better chances on getting approved.

Darth Bittner

14-09-2005 16:02:59

I requested approval last Tuesday, and was approved yesterday. Times will vary, but good luck!