I might have messed up...

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13-09-2005 17:22:10

I signed up for a free ipod nano and sent the referral link to my wife. She signed up for a deal and used a different credit card than I (but we are both users on it). She also used our address (which I did as well). Finally she signed up on her laptop on our home network which has the same IP addy that I signed up with. I did this before I found this wonderful website. I read a lot of these threads and I'm thinking that I'm screwed. Right?


13-09-2005 17:24:26

99% chance that you not going to be able to fix that kind of mistake, you should let that site go and start on another one such as www.flashipods4free.com without repeating the same mistake.


13-09-2005 18:02:00

go pm jake about this before doing anything else or
send a support ticket to gratis and explaing the situation...
good luck!


13-09-2005 18:31:09

Purely hypothesizing, if she's your only referral right now, you may be able to ask Freepay to simply disqualify her as a referral, and then get 5 more referrals.


13-09-2005 19:33:27

u're kinda fucked now.


13-09-2005 21:01:12

you're not necessarily fucked.

my very 1st post on this forum was about the exact same situation happening with me.

before i found THIS site, i signed up ( i cant remember if i did an offer or not), and referred my wife, with whom i live. Once i did find this site, found out that i may indeed be fucked, i asked around and was told that maybe my best bet would be to contact Gratis (freepay) and see what they say.

they told me that as long as i leave the current account inactive (dont sign in AT ALL, dont do any offers, and dont refer anyone), then i can make a new account and should have no problems.

so i found someone else to sign up under, did my offer, referred 5 people and submitted for approval...i was approved and i got my iPod.

best thing to do is to contact them, explain the sitution in as much details as possible, and ask them if you left your current account inactive, would you be able to create a new account without any problems.

i cant say for sure what they will say, but from my experience, its worth a shot.