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13-09-2005 12:48:50

does anyone know whats up with video professor? i signed up thursday (when it was still available) for the 5 day trial. today was day 5 so i did the "c word." it turns out my trial hasn't even shipped out yet, and they refunded my shipping cost too. i was under the impression that it was an [i1bbd3fd466]online[/i1bbd3fd466] trial and there was nothing to ship. am i still going to get credit?


13-09-2005 13:34:24

I did video professor for someone yesturday too. It was suppose to be an instant credit but still havent recieved my credit


13-09-2005 14:08:16

i dont think VP is instant on Gratis sites......i did it a couple of weeks ago for a Trainn site, and it was instant (10 minutes), but 2 of my refs on freedesktoppc did it, thinking it was greened the day after he called them (VP), and the other has yet to green.

i think you only get credit after the trial is over.


13-09-2005 14:43:40

VP Online took 6 days to credit for me. Their lessons weren't worthwhile for me, and so I canceled on my 5th day of the 5 day trial. My CC was charged $3.95 and $1.00 in seperate transactions about 2 days after I signed up for the offer.


13-09-2005 16:11:58

"Try Video Professor Online for 5 days. $4.95 set up fee with valid credit card required. You will receive credit instantly. "

( ( still havent recieve my credit


13-09-2005 17:08:08

same here =T


20-09-2005 21:21:27

I too am waiting for credit....although I did just sign up tonight, but it does say instant....but nonetheless i'm going to take the time to check it out...


20-09-2005 21:27:28

Took 6 days to credit me.


21-09-2005 21:47:12

I'm glad to hear some people got credit. I did the Video Professor Online thing Monday and haven't gotten credit yet. I guess I'll just have to wait a few more days!


21-09-2005 23:56:39

took me about 6 days too


22-09-2005 04:11:47

ya im waiting on a green from them too


22-09-2005 07:13:01

I have two referrals who've done the video professor ...

Still waiting.


22-09-2005 12:05:20

video professor charged my debit card like 29.95 even after i canceled i got credit and they refunded my money with one phone call


27-09-2005 03:56:22

I subscribed to Video Professor last night

I have yet to recieve any confirmation e-mails from them

After reading this thread, are they suppose to be shipping something to me? Because isn't this an online teach tool? I don't want to get shipped anything because that isn't what i sign up for?


27-09-2005 04:45:55

I thought everyone knew that Video Professor was CDs... don't you guys ever watch TV? P


27-09-2005 04:47:20



but the site looks like they have pop up windows for teaching, they even asked me to download a plugin for that


27-09-2005 06:35:51

I think it works like this

1) You see 'online video professor'
2) You sign up.
3) They start to send you a package.
4) You can access the online stuff.


27-09-2005 06:40:16

but, i don't want to keep it if i don't get credit for it within my trial, I DIDN'T EVEN GET A CONFIRMATION E-MAIL, so, i'm wondering whether my subscription went through Gratis because my status has yet to change?????????????????????

So, what if i get the package? is that free? or do i have to send it back if i do the "C Word"?


27-09-2005 16:46:40

Does anyone know the contact info for this offer? I wanted to call and cancel but after searching around their site all I could find was a dinky text box with instructions to enter my customer service request and they'll get back to me within two business days. I sent them a message requesting cancellation but I'm a little worried that they won't get back to me until after the free trial period has ended.


27-09-2005 20:54:55

i need it too

i need the customer service number because i haven't got any e-mails from them and i need to ask them


28-09-2005 03:44:02

i think this is the number


28-09-2005 12:15:17

so with the vp online did any of yall get packages and do you have to send them back? i just signed up for it 2 days ago and just wondering. thanks.


29-09-2005 05:32:48

i haven't recieved any confirmatin e-mail either. This service is really slow in response.


30-09-2005 06:16:23

[quote27d504c2f6="laramec"]so with the vp online did any of yall get packages and do you have to send them back? i just signed up for it 2 days ago and just wondering. thanks.[/quote27d504c2f6]

i called in and asked them about it, they said they will only shipp if you ordered any CD's, apparently they didn't have the programs that i needed to learn for my class, which is Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Flash, but they said that they will suggest it to the company, so if they add there, THANK ME D