Question about the $25 Wal-Mart card offer

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13-09-2005 11:30:18

I did that offer that is suppose to give you a free $25 Wal-Mart gift card, but I have yet to receive credit for it. Now that it is the 16th day, I am going to send a support ticket to Gratis. However, I don't know which email I am suppose to copy to give to Gratis. I received two emails for the offer, one from and the other one from They both are part of the same offer since they both give the same website address, dealpass. However, they do have different membership ID numbers. So my question is what email do I send to Gratis?


13-09-2005 11:32:23

When I dealt with that offer the one I sent to Freepay was the email from Connections. That is the only email I received for that offer. Good luck!


13-09-2005 11:45:17

Send the email from the offer provider.


13-09-2005 11:52:21

Thanks for the quick response guys! I figured it was the connections one, since I received it a few hours before the other one. But I feel it is better safe than sorry when it comes to these matters. )