Ipod Nano offers

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09-09-2005 20:50:19

I was thinking about trading with someone for the freepay ipod nano site, but I wasn't sure about the different offers....I am just about out of offers that I am legitimately interested in on freepay sites, so that's why I was wanting to start this thread. Does anyone know what the offers are on the new site, or any new ones that are particularly interesting? I'd like to start the site and help someone else out while they help me with something...but I am not sure about the offers.....please someone let me know what the new offers are. Thanks!


09-09-2005 20:56:03

Same offers I think.


09-09-2005 22:34:12

I would like to help but the offers availble to me (canada) are diffrent from the ones for americans, if you wana start this site ill pay 33 if you do an instant offer and 25 if you do a normal offer (theres a $1 home depot one)