green to yellow?!?

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09-09-2005 13:59:51

Alright this could be completely in my imagination but I don't think it is. I could have sworn I had 3 greens on freehandbags yet when I checked it today(I haven't checked in months) I had 2 greens and 1 yellow which is strange because the only people who have had my ref link for that site are people I paid to sign up and im 99.99% sure I remember all 3 being green.
Any insight that can be provided on this situation would be appreciated

Edit so thinking about it more Im only like 30% sure it was green at some point but if anybody else has had an experience like this I would still like to hear about it


09-09-2005 14:08:47

It is possible that the offer provider took the credit away from that individual for some reason.

Send me your email address by PM and I will take a look for you.