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09-09-2005 07:59:51

So Im gonna be signing up for nanos but Im a bit worried about some things. All my previous freepay sites were placed on hold about 2 months ago because a referal of mine had muliple accounts under me. But thats old news. ( I gave up trying to convince them that I am legit. Anyways will my nano account be placed on hold because of those previous accounts? Or can I look at this as a fresh start? Tell me what you guys think. D


09-09-2005 08:09:03

I recommend you ask Freepay or Jake directly instead of relying on the barely educated guesses of regular forum members.


09-09-2005 08:30:46

Well of course Ive done that already but Im just curious if anyone has been in this situation before.


09-09-2005 19:23:00

I don't think it should affect you. Unless they are holding some kind of grudge against you.


09-09-2005 19:45:24

customer service is really good about things. it should be fine.