Blockbuster Online Credit

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08-09-2005 12:46:22

I was just wondering how long it usually takes to credit. I did it as part of a trade tues night, and I still have not gotten credit. Should I be worried?


08-09-2005 12:59:32

No. They credit when you receive your first set of movies. That's how it was for me and a friend.


08-09-2005 13:40:14

it is supposed to be that way, i just did the offer and have received my dvds but no credit still

is it ok if i send in a support ticket so soon?


08-09-2005 21:49:19

nope u have to wait 15 days.
you usually get credit when u return them i have found or sometimes 2-3 days after u get the movies. i just did the offer and recieved my 3 dvd's today.