[CDN] Anyone have experience with the OutGamed.com offer?

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08-09-2005 07:36:10

Hey guys!

I still haven't gotten my iPod from freeipods.com yet but I figured I'd start on freeipodnanos early so I have a better chance with referrals. For freeipods I did the Canadian Tire offer and it was pretty good, but it seems to be getting slower and slower to verify. I have one referral who's gone 15+ days when I took 2 days to get verified.

Since we don't have that many offers up here in Canuckistan I'm currently eyeing the OutGamed.com $1 free trial. Has anyone done this? What are the terms? (i.e. how long is the subscription? what do I get for the $1?) How was the customer service? The Galleria customer service wasn't too bad, they were a little pushy, but no problems overall.

Thanks in advance for the input guys! Good luck to everyone on their free nanos!

- Vince D