Offer completion question

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07-09-2005 21:25:00

I sorta completed the video professor online offer today. I got to the page to enter my cc info, and I pushed finished, but it never actually got to the confirmation page; it just froze.

I was charged for it, and I recieved a confirmation email, so will freepay still count it as an offer completion?



07-09-2005 21:53:21

hmm....not sure.

im sure though that if it gets to the point where you still dont have credit, at least you have the confirmation e-mail to prove you did the offer, that you can use to send in a support ticket.


07-09-2005 22:06:22

If you were charged you should get credit. And since you have a confirmation email, if any problems arise you can send that to them and they should end up giving you credit.