Just requested approval

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07-09-2005 09:55:36

Yey just requested approval on my FreeiPods account )

Anyone get approved recently and if so how long did it take?

Im in the UK btw


07-09-2005 17:25:36

well im in the US but i requested approval on 8/23 and got approved on 9/06. it took the whole 10 business days. i went into processing yesterday (09/06). hopefully i will go to stv soon. lol congrats!


07-09-2005 17:39:33

will take the whole 10 day to be approved.. not including weekends and weekdays..


08-09-2005 00:07:52

ahh that sucks ( anyway cant complain if its free ) just hope i dont fall flat on my face and get put on hold (