Offer Completion Emails

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07-09-2005 07:58:37

Under the Gratis name I used to receive emails confirming I had completed my own offer, does Freepay still send Offer Completion emails?


07-09-2005 08:40:27

Yes they do send you an email indicating what offer you did and that you got credit. For the offer I did yesterday that is how I found out I got credited instantly! That Chamonix offer said 2-3 days for credit. I wasn't expecting it so soon.


07-09-2005 13:27:33

I've been getting emails today for sites that I signed up for and also been getting completion emails that are old. Must have found and fixed a problem or something.


07-09-2005 14:03:29

I was going to say, I completed FreePSPs over the last few weeks and never received any of these emails.

Then today I received a whole bunch of verification emails for the sites I'm actively working on now (xbox360s and flatscreens, both freepay).


07-09-2005 16:45:10

I just checked my email after reading this thread and it was full of emails from Gratis for account verification and offer completion. I guess they are doing a massive catchup...