How do you know if you've been placed on hold?

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05-09-2005 07:45:43

hey guys...simple question if you get placed on hold on a gratis site, how do you know? will it show up on your account status page or what?

the reason i ask is i randomly received a response to a service inquiry that included a reference to how gratis "takes fraud seriously" and "will place accounts on hold," etc. i wasn't sure if it was just a mistake to send me such a response or if it meant i was placed on hold or what. i haven't even completed my offer yet, much less referred anyone else...strange.


05-09-2005 08:21:26

they say that at the bottom of each of their replies i believe.

if you want to know if your accounts are on hold,go toyour status page and it should either say that they have placedyour account on hold,you have completed your requirements, or you have NOT completed your requirements.


05-09-2005 10:26:01

thanks...that just kind of freaked me out when I saw that message.