There Should Be a Sticky For Rules......

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04-09-2005 07:04:47

Rules on what to do so that your account won't be on hold. I have a referral who told me that a friend of his signed up for an account on his computer.

Even though it's a different name and home address and stuff, but Gratis check IP's if i'm not mistaken, so is my referral skrewed?

It's like we know certain rules because we are a part of this forum, but strangers who aren't on the site but are your referrals don't know them. Hopefully i can direct that thread to them to not skrew up


04-09-2005 10:13:00

If two accounts are created from the same computer/IP, the account WILL be placed on hold if Freepay notices.

The rules are all in the "Terms of Service" which is located on the bottom of each Freepay site. I don't think someone needs a forum to figure them out. They're all pretty clear. )


04-09-2005 10:48:37

haha, who is gonna read all that P

this is what i can think of that is most common

- dont make two or more accounts on the same computer/household
- don't try to make multiple accounts to get more referrals
- Dont' check your account on another computer

this is all i can think of that is most common