Will this raise any red flags?

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03-09-2005 14:11:43

I completed FreePSPs a week ago, and it went STV yesterday. My girlfriend's roommate heard about it, and now she wants to open her own FreePSPs account.

Obviously, since mine is done, I can't refer her. (And she wasn't a referral for me either.)

But if I have logged into my FreePSPs account on the same computer she uses to open her account, will it raise any red flags? She lives at a separate address and has never done a Gratis/Freepay site.

I basically want to log into my account and check the status, but I will wait til I get home if it will jeopardize her ability to open an account...


03-09-2005 14:21:51

Logging into your account isn't breaking any rules even if your friend signed up on that computer, as long as she didn't sign up at your computer where you signed up you should be A O K)


03-09-2005 14:44:11

usually, logging in to check your account is ok ( as far as im aware), but in this situation id advise against it.

it might appear to Gratis that you have made another account, since she doesnt have one yet.

if she did have an account, then id say it would be ok.


03-09-2005 15:23:29

Yeah, I can see that angle. I guess I'll wait to see whether Jake weighs in, but otherwise I'm probably not going to login from this computer.

Thanks for the fast input guys.