PS3 or Nintendo's Revolution?

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03-09-2005 08:44:08

would Freepay add thoses systems in the xbox site?


03-09-2005 08:48:24

well no, cos then it wouldnt be either have to make their own sites each for the ps3 and nintendo, or do what they did with freegamingsystems.


03-09-2005 08:50:36

ya, well, if they can change the link to freepay, can't they change the links to maybe freenewgamingsystems or something? I'm just wondering


03-09-2005 08:54:09

well if they changed the links, then it would just get confusing i think.

it would make more sense to just have a new domain name for each site, espcially when its 2 different gifts coming outwithin a certain amount of time.

freegamingsystems came out when the xbox and ps2 were already out, so they just bunched them all together.


03-09-2005 09:11:22

I would think they'd have them seperately at first. Then after their popularity died down they'd make them into one site.


03-09-2005 10:46:57

agreed with above.
they will probably eventually change them to the free gaming systems site, and transfer refs over or something.


03-09-2005 12:19:01

yeah, that is what i was thinking


04-09-2005 13:13:03

yeah but you gotta remember the price differences this time will be huge at first.

Nintendo's will probably be 200-300, with microsofts 300-400, and sony's at 500.

It's not like free gamingsystems where the difference was 150-200