Video Professor not available?

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01-09-2005 19:37:25

I did this offer yesterday, but still haven't received credit for it yet. So I just clicked on that offer and it says its not available at this time.
Is it b/c I already did the offer, or is that offer being pulled?


01-09-2005 19:40:34

i have had major problems with VPO and the offer going away.... a terrible Gratis experience that i survived, hopefully things go right with you.


01-09-2005 19:42:16

i did VPO in a trade with someone and it still hasnt gone green


01-09-2005 19:45:40

just give it time, you MAY have to do another offer for VPO to go green... just wait some time and since i knwo you dont want to do two offers, then wait for the 15 days and then ask for support.


01-09-2005 22:26:07

someone tried to do that offer and was told that his email was already in their database, then he tried another email addy and they told him that there already is an order under his name/addy, and it's processing... what's up with that?


01-09-2005 22:30:50

I tried this offer the other day, i got all the way through and on the CC info part i submitted it and said try again later....keeps saying that for me


02-09-2005 10:49:53

Good times. Sounds like I picked a great offer (
Friend did it not too long ago and it came through in four days.


02-09-2005 14:47:08

video professor - when it used to be instant credit. was one of the best offers.. credited literally instantly.. within seconds after ordering.

good offer as well w/ awesome customer support


03-09-2005 10:00:49

Customer support seemed lost today when I called them. She kept asking me if I had received my package yet even though it was for video professor online. Maybe it was just too early to call on a Saturday! )


03-09-2005 22:01:43

yeah, now there isnt anymore instant offers. Video Professor was my fav.