Not getting credit....even after successful completion

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31-08-2005 09:40:33

Well I completed the Blockbuster offer 15 days ago and put in the manual credit request on freeminimacs. The support ticket showed open for awhile, and when I checked it a little while ago it said it was closed. I looked under the ticket history and there is not response from Freepay. So after noticing that it said the issue was closed and I had no response I figured I'd just check the status page to see if the credit was given to wasn't. So now I am a little confused because I know I completed the offer successfully and I am still subscribing to the service, so I want to know what is going on....Has anyone else ever had this happen?? Please let me know what you all think....thanks!


31-08-2005 10:32:47

Send me a PM with your email address and I'll take a look for you.