offer, in with $10, up to $41 so far!

Live forum:


30-08-2005 11:00:36

Hope it credits soon, then it'll be the bombass offer!


30-08-2005 11:38:36

when did you do it and for what site?

how long is it supposed to take?


30-08-2005 11:42:26

yea, id like some more info on that please.


30-08-2005 11:50:54

It credited in a day or so when I did it. When a friend of mine did it, it took maybe 5 days.

Still haven't won any bingos cry



30-08-2005 11:55:23

I did it for freeipods yesterday, supposed to take 2-3 days, we'll see.


30-08-2005 12:10:20

haha, scratch that, i lost it all, got $0.15 now.


30-08-2005 12:24:24

That's gambling for you.

Sorry about your loss - but you'll at least get a green out of it. I went green within two to three days after completing the bingo offer. I had fun with it, too.

[quotebc23eb1ee6="Archon810"]haha, scratch that, i lost it all, got $0.15 now.[/quotebc23eb1ee6]