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27-08-2005 01:03:11

[quote5c6a7573c9]A small riot occurred last week when the school system in Richmond sold 4 year old laptops for $50 a piece, and the scramble to get one sent people over the edge of reason. One woman peed her pants, an elderly man was thrown to the pavement, and another woman reportedly lost a flip flop. If only they had known they could get a brand spanking new laptop for absolutely FREE from us, and without hurting a single person. Of course its a limited time offer, so if you want one be sure to sign up today! Check out this awesome deal at our Free Desktop PC website, then go out and be kind and friendly to your fellow man.

I thought that was really creative.


27-08-2005 03:23:44

lol ya


27-08-2005 07:39:19

Ha, fun.


27-08-2005 08:22:27

The funny part is its a school computer. My school computers are so old its not even funny. There is like one or two rooms in my school that have fast pcs everything else is like not even close to a ghz. Mabye 600mhz tops. LOL they most likly paid 50$ for like a 333mhz school pc...


28-08-2005 02:17:17

these were laptops... and apparently they're not free anymore... coz you gotta fill out the W-91 IRS form... refer to the other thread going on right now.