does gratis ever take people off hold ?

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24-08-2005 12:55:53

i have been talking to their customer service for 2 months now, and most of their responses seem to be automated messages, which is very frustrating.

they seem to think i have multiple accounts on free360xbox when I only have 7 referrals in my account so far, so multiple accounts would benefit me in absolutely no way.

the only thing i can think of that might be flagging me is that my firewall uses a list of proxy servers which it cycles between for internet access and some other user could be using the same proxy server. i see nothing about prohibition of proxy servers in their terms & conditions page.

shouldn't they be checking if there are multiple accounts registered with my mailing address instead of IP Addresses ?

If Jake can help me with this that would be really great.



24-08-2005 13:23:53

i can make several e-mails and make account....that is why they check IP addresses.


24-08-2005 20:39:25

wtfmate...why would you turn on ur firewall to go put traffic through a proxy if you are doing a gratis site. Well, it depends on what kind of proxy it is if it's transparent, anonymous, or high anonymous. I dont know what kind of proxy detection that gratis has because I know u can get the clients ip with a transparent proxy. However, if you are using any of the other type, I think there's a good chance someone else has already created an account on one of them. Good freaking luck getting off hold. It was dumb of you to do that in the first place though.


24-08-2005 21:47:09

I'm sure the proxy is what killed you...if that's all your firewall does you might look into getting another.


24-08-2005 23:38:59

Whos your ISP?


24-08-2005 23:43:58

Gratis definitely takes people off hold. My issue was not similar to yours, but once I sent in a support ticket it was only a matter of a few days before it was resolved and I was taken off hold. I was extremely pleased with Gratis's customer support. And thank you Jake!


25-08-2005 00:59:42

What I don't understand is why FreePay doesn't check for IP's when you sign up. It's probably because they still get paid even if the users aren't unique. Oh well, if you do the site legitly, it shouldn't even be an issue. However, it is annoying when someone else makes a duplicate account and they grey them both.


25-08-2005 06:03:54

they took me off hold! took a few weeks but they came thru.