Today must be approval day.

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23-08-2005 12:39:51

Yay! Approved for

http/" alt=""/"271/1475/untitled6xb.jpg[" alt=""/img15a3dfd935]

Does that mean tomorrow should be STV day? D


23-08-2005 13:32:02

OK, I was just approved for a free digital camera. Today is Tuesday the 23rd, and I leave for school on Sunday, September 4th. So, if I order it today that gives me 8 business days until I leave. Should I go ahead and order it, or should I wait till I get to school and just have them ship it there. I want the camera ASAP, but it would suck if it came to my house after I left for school, whats your advice?


23-08-2005 15:57:54

I'm STV now. lol

STV within hours. Thats simply amazing. http//[" alt=""/img937a2d72e9]


23-08-2005 16:06:40

[quote26906b4983="climed"]I'm STV now. lol

STV within hours. Thats simply amazing. http//[" alt=""/img26906b4983][/quote26906b4983]



23-08-2005 16:09:34

wasted 5 refs twisted



23-08-2005 16:13:01

[quoteb33192454d="tonydanza92"]wasted 5 refs twisted


can u explain that one?


23-08-2005 16:17:37

[quotea2429988f3="Blink182=Gone"][quotea2429988f3="tonydanza92"]wasted 5 refs twisted


can u explain that one?[/quotea2429988f3]
I get referrals for free. The only thing I paid for was $4 for hydroderm. lol I know a buddy that works at a internet advertising company that delivers somewhat targeted traffic and one of them is related to free stuff. So if no one purcahses free stuff related traffic on that day he can deliver a lot of traffic to my referral link for free.

I usually continue to them him to keep on delivering traffic to my link until I get enough greens. Somtimes, users take a while to turn green and I end up with more greens then I need. I got 11 greens total on Xbox360 when I was finally apprvoed and probably more have turned green now although I can't see it.


23-08-2005 16:28:09

I got approval for my iPod Shuffle !!!

My first offer !

Still working on ipod, PSP, xbox360


23-08-2005 16:31:20

[quote1a2a82a681="Blink182=Gone"][quote1a2a82a681="tonydanza92"]wasted 5 refs twisted


can u explain that one?[/quote1a2a82a681]

look at the picture, he has 15 refs for the required 10

how many yellows do you usually get climed? tons i imagine


23-08-2005 16:48:59

[quote9c1924e417="tonydanza92"][quote9c1924e417="Blink182=Gone"][quote9c1924e417="tonydanza92"]wasted 5 refs twisted


can u explain that one?[/quote9c1924e417]

look at the picture, he has 15 refs for the required 10

how many yellows do you usually get climed? tons i imagine[/quote9c1924e417]
Yeah a whole bunch. I have 15 greens out of over 300 yellows. The conversion isn't extrememly great. I get over 10,000 vistors to my referral link every time my friend sends traffic to my referral link and only like 10-20 people sign up.


23-08-2005 17:07:18

Think I could give him mine, heh heh heh wink


23-08-2005 21:09:39

[quote057ecb1aca="Sonofshoe"]Think I could give him mine, heh heh heh wink[/quote057ecb1aca]
I think he's using it for the xbox 360 site. You could try purchasing the traffic for retail price but it's pretty expensive since if I paid for all the traffic I got it would of cost me over $200.


23-08-2005 22:13:10

I was approved today and am still processing on

Thanks FreePay D,



24-08-2005 00:03:35

I too was approved today for my photo ipod, my first freebie, I can't wait.


24-08-2005 00:24:18

congratz! hope its at your doorstep soon


24-08-2005 11:39:51

Congrats to the freebie noobs.

Enjoy your free toys! )


24-08-2005 12:54:46

I wish my ipod would get approved, its day 8 of 10. Hopefully by friday it will be.