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20-08-2005 16:43:20

I was if I was alloawed to have a friend who doesnt have computer access right now sign up for an offer at my house. He has a different mailing address and different credit card jsut no computer right now. I was wondering if its ok for him to sign up at my house?


20-08-2005 16:52:52

if a account and offer was already done on that computer and your friend does the same thing with you as his referrer then it would be quite risky.....



20-08-2005 19:10:20

yeah dont do that, do it from a different internet connection/computer just to avoid confusion with the ip's on gratis side


21-08-2005 18:21:33

Thats why I didn't get my ipod. My sister's internet connection was down, so she signed up at my house. And my brother did it at my house just because he's an idiot.