What does "User did not join via referral link" me

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18-08-2005 18:11:22

I have gotten this a few times...

The ref is grey and says
Joined, but offer not completed.
User did not join via referral link.[/quote9cce2f25ab]

But how did it happen? Obviously they did click on my link because they got my referral and they are on my list...

I do not know who they are, I just want hope to get if they go green.


18-08-2005 18:20:44

That's weird. I've heard of that before. It doesn't make much sense. ?


18-08-2005 18:41:39

i pm'ed jake about this

just pm jake about it, or what he sent me is what he will send to everybody else.

it happened to me to


18-08-2005 18:59:48

Let us know what he says about it.

Aardvark Freak

19-08-2005 13:41:05

i have 6 grays and 6 greens (and a shitload of yellows) at freedigitalcameras. searching this forum doesn't really give me a conclusive idea what the grays really are, so what's going on?


19-08-2005 14:40:42

I heard it means the user is either put on HOLD or
the user used your link to get to the free site but then
saw that it was you who will be referring them so "they" changed the
address to not give you the credit ....


Aardvark Freak

19-08-2005 16:06:25

that really sucks. so i refered them there, but i don't get credit? i'd already have my camera now. as it is, i still need 4 greens.


19-08-2005 16:52:13

or it could be something else. Just PM Jake, he can help with the grays


20-08-2005 08:28:47

[quote6162012416="Jake"]That means they didn't register correctly. Its kind of a grey area result. Their account was partially created but won't count towards your referrals because they didn't do it properly.




20-08-2005 08:42:42



20-08-2005 12:28:10


... I think that is it. I really do not need anything more. I was just curious.