Gratis and the Xbox 360

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14-08-2005 22:48:06

So I was thinking the other day and this has been bothering me for awhile. Hopefully I will finish the free360xbox site a short time from now. My question is whether or not Gratis will have enough Xbox 360s to get them out to everyone around release day? If they can't I wish Gratis would offer a gift card or something for the same value as the Xbox 360 (maybe a little over to compensate for taxes, but if it is $300 a $300 gift card would be fine, as I'd pay the tax to have the thing on release day).....Anyone know if Gratis is considering this or would consider this? I hope so as I want to be the first kid on my block to have an Xbox 360...... Please respond with your'd be awesome if Jake could give some input...but I understand he's probably busy, but it'd be nice D


14-08-2005 23:39:53

no one have any ideas....wait....i guess it's pretty late....hopefully tomorrow people will put in their opinions


15-08-2005 00:41:44

I would assume they're going to have a first come first serve, if they don't get enough 360's right away, those who completed first get theirs first.