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13-08-2005 11:00:27

I've looked through the forums and have noticed that nothing concrete has been said about the amount of referrals for the Xbox 360 dropping, but I believe I did read where Jake said that Gratis was waiting to see about the price of the Xbox 360 and would change the amount of referrals accordingly. My question is...what happens if the final price is announced and the amount of referrals goes down and I am still trying to get 8 referrals (they might not be done, but I am working on them)? Would I be able to get something extra for the extra referrals? or would they count as extras in case something went wrong with other referrals? I was just curious, because if I could get an xbox 360 plus something more like a game or whatever, I would be willing to get the 8 referrals since I'd already be in the mood to convince my friends to help me out....any feedback would be appreciated.


13-08-2005 11:14:11

Yeah this is in the suggestion thread. Gratis will offer extra stuff when the price is confirmed $300.

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13-08-2005 12:57:30

[quote56196990e6="J4320"]Gratis will offer extra stuff when the price is confirmed $300.[/quote56196990e6]

Which will be announced this week, finally.


13-08-2005 17:20:00

Will it really!?!?! YES! I've been waiting for so long. And I'm sure a bunch of you guys have been waiting too. Now Gratis can update.


13-08-2005 17:37:55

and there was much rejoicing......yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! D


13-08-2005 17:40:00

And there was much rejoicing.

liyou hear unenthusiastic people saying yayli


13-08-2005 18:10:36

i dont' understand, right now it's 8 referralls. What if i already have 5 referrals, and Gratis changes the referral amount for the XBOX360 to 5 referrals in the later weeks, does that mean i have finished the requiremnet? or do i need 3 more referrals?


13-08-2005 18:18:51

you would be done


13-08-2005 18:46:16

ya, you would be done, but not get any extras that those of us already done will hopefully get.


13-08-2005 20:30:07

Yeah it's pretty simple.