Referrals With a P.O. Box

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12-08-2005 22:28:01

So can a friend of mine sign up as a referral even if they have a P.O. seems that they would be able to since Gratis doesn't ship to P.O. Boxes, but this person would just be trying an offer for me...and they aren't interested in getting anything free. So can a friend sign up for an offer with a P.O. box and me still get credit? Hopefully they can as I have a few friends who live in mobile homes and have p.o. boxes, and they are still unique customers, but they just can't receive any free stuff.....please give me your feedback! Thanks!


12-08-2005 22:30:33

yeah i dont they give a shit where the people live, but they just wont ship to P.O box address'.

your friend go do the site, complete it, and get it shipped somewhere else., so no you should be fine to refer him.


12-08-2005 22:32:45

Thanks for the quick and helpful to get my friend to follow through with this.... ?


12-08-2005 22:37:10

good luck....just out of curiosity, which site is it you're going for?

just that Gratis sites are becoming exceedingly rare to get refs for.


12-08-2005 22:43:48

They're not that rare. You can get any site you need done quick if you have the money.