What's up w/ the Blockbuster offer crediting?

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10-08-2005 06:07:55

I've had two people sign up for the blockbuster offer under my Freephotoipods account and I've not received credit for either. I see that the offer states that you will receive credit for the offer after they receive their first shipment of DVDs. I know that both have received DVDs and honestly, they're both staying on past the trial month offer.

I'm just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same problem with this one crediting?

Thanks for any help or advice.


10-08-2005 08:10:22

I have a couple yellows (4) that did the BB offer. 2 of them finally greened. 2 more are still yellow. Patience my son...


10-08-2005 08:56:56

What is that in your avy coolbreeze? It looks like someone suran wrapping a snowball. ?


10-08-2005 10:20:36

I'm personally waiting on my Shuffle to go green. It's been 13 days since I did the Blockbuster offer.

I have 4 referrals under me that also did the Blockbuster but only 2 green.

Then I have 7 Referrals that did referrals under the iPod, all over 1 week......that are still Yellow. I'm pretty sure they did the Blockbuster dea too - and may have used the USATODAY9 offer for 1st month free.


10-08-2005 10:27:33

BB takes 7-10 days to credit since they changed to the "after first DVD shipment" policy. It'll come, don't worry.