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08-08-2005 00:06:45

They have a Panasonic 27" TV DVD Combination now instead of the toshiba. I had an order placed for the Wega, but cancelled it and placed my order for the Panasonic. Good decision or bad? Just curious what everyone thought about it.


08-08-2005 00:21:34

damn thats pretty sweet

ima have a hardtime deciding now


08-08-2005 07:11:51

[quotea00413a9c8="aguy"]damn thats pretty sweet

ima have a hardtime deciding now[/quotea00413a9c8]

I am kind of actually lucky I missed the STV last week by a few hours. The panasonic does cost more than the Wega, so it is a better deal. Just hope it is a decent TV. Plan to use it in my dorm room, so don't need it to be too much )


08-08-2005 08:29:24

just saw that, nice

is that the best offer though. Or is the LCD monitors better?


08-08-2005 09:04:43

I have the WEGA, but it looks like that Panasonic would be a good choice if you don't already have a dvd player in your dorm.


08-08-2005 09:09:33

are those LCD one only used for computer moniters?


08-08-2005 09:18:55

Not the Samsung 17" SyncMaster 710MP. It got TV Tuner built in, so just hook up an antenna cable into it and watch TV on it without having a computer hooked up to it. Or you can work on your computer AND watch TV at the same time with the Picture-in-Picture capability. Pretty hot, IMO.


09-08-2005 23:50:19

Man if only Free Flat Screens was open to Canadians...Imagine the possibilities.


10-08-2005 06:29:21

I think the Wega is still the better option if you've already got a DVD player. I'm assuming the Panasonic is [ue174fe1f7a]this model[/ue174fe1f7a][=http//][ue174fe1f7a]this model[/ue174fe1f7a], since it's the only 27" I can find with a DVD but no VCR

This model (Panasonic PV-27DF25) doesn't have component video input and since I made the switch to component video I can't live without it (especially for gaming).

Can anyone confirm that this is the right model?


10-08-2005 08:55:55

[quoteba5ea21c70="Strike"]Man if only Free Flat Screens was open to Canadians...Imagine the possibilities.[/quoteba5ea21c70]

Hmmm.... Do you guys think Gratis would earn more if they did flatscreens for Canadians?

I think that they would earn a little more.... But probably not too much.


10-08-2005 10:46:53

This has caused quite a dilemma for me since I'm about to put in my order.

I'm sure that the Panasonic DVD player has just as good of a quality connection as component video since it's hooked up INSIDE the TV. However, the Panasonic TV lacks both component AND S-Video hookups. What happens when blue laser DVDs come out??? Then you'll have to use RCA cables to hook it up!

Well, maybe I have answered my own question. I think I'm sticking with the Sony.



10-08-2005 15:07:09

Panasonic TV's are good all around tv's, but i would go with the Sony. With the price of a OK dvd player at about $50, it is an easy decision.


10-08-2005 15:10:25

Well, as I said, it is good for my dorm room, that is all. Not like I would even use the connections on the Sony, so I am not worried about it. In the future I will end up investing in an HDTV that comes with everything that I will probably use. For now, the panasonic is just fine for me )

Wish I would have went STV today... Guess I will be waiting another week