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07-08-2005 15:47:45

i'm new here, but i haven't found the answer to this. If I make an account to freeIPODS.COM

would i be able to make another account on the same computer for the free xbox 360, destops, cameras, flatscreen TVs, etc etc?


07-08-2005 15:54:40

Yes. just dont make 2 of the same site.


07-08-2005 16:08:19

k cool, thanks


07-08-2005 20:54:24

i made an account with XBOX360 enter in the same e-mail address that i had for IPOD, i click next. They asked me for my address and stuff. Instead of doing that, it took me to the homepage of my account on XBOX 360? Does that mean they used my cookies to get my address becasue i can't find a link on there to check if they got my address on freexbox360 site


07-08-2005 21:12:06

if you complete the site, you will be asked again to enter your shipping details etc, so you dont have to worry about that just now.

people start sites and by the time they have finished it, they may have moved so they give you another chance to change it.


07-08-2005 21:15:42

k, thanks


07-08-2005 21:16:23

oh, another good question. What if somebody has an account on IPOd, but i want the same guy to be a referral for me on my XBOX account, is that possible?


07-08-2005 21:28:06

yeah thats fine, if you have 10 friends, and you refer all 10 of them to do freedesktoppc, then you can also refer them to do the rest of the sites.

as long as they stick to the rules, and you dont walk them through the process, then they should pass the approval stage.

just dont refer anyone in your household, and try to stay away from referrals with the same last name (it can cause problems that sometimes wont be solved).


07-08-2005 21:30:24

[quote9464cd195f="mpbollywoodking"]oh, another good question. What if somebody has an account on IPOd, but i want the same guy to be a referral for me on my XBOX account, is that possible?[/quote9464cd195f]

yep, just think of them all as totally different sites not related


08-08-2005 04:50:46

k cool


08-08-2005 13:18:29

another question

What if i want somebody to do a referal on the IPOD site, but he already has an account on IPOD, is he able to be a referall and sign up for an offer with out making another account?

Or does the referalls have to be new members to that site?


08-08-2005 13:28:33

Wow, haven't seen that many double posts in years, and the answer is No. Only one account per household.


08-08-2005 13:28:36

lol, you're kidding me right?


08-08-2005 13:41:17



08-08-2005 13:47:51

You should have seen theysayjumps in the trading post. It was like 16 posts in a row by him. D