Approval question

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04-08-2005 11:02:51

Quick question

I am about to request approval. I think I have heard that some of your greens can be denied and turn red or grey or something. Is this true?

If they do get denied can you look for new greens to fill in the gap or do you only get one chance at getting your account approved?

Thanks for the help!!!


04-08-2005 11:10:59

yes, you can look for new greens if some get denied


04-08-2005 11:46:09

With gratis sites, you have less to worry about with DQ's refs. They are very fair. I have yet to have a ref go red on a gratis site. But if it does happen, you will just have to find another one, and resubmit for approval.


04-08-2005 11:48:17

You dont really have much to worry about as a poster above said tehy are very fair.

That is, unless you didn't follow TOS or you have the risk of a red from trading on here (got scammed)