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30-07-2005 15:07:31

Hey everyone im moving, the landlord commented to my mom that a bunch of college students lived their before.

My concern is that when i order my flatscreen and xbox 360 to that adress that it will cause a problem.

A) diff adress than signed up for.
B) Possibly an already used adress


30-07-2005 16:17:52

You should let Jake know about this. That way if you get on hold he'll realize that that's the problem.


30-07-2005 16:29:31

hey I asked jake pretty much the same question and here is is response

[quoteecb73793cd="Jake"]As long as your account is truly unique, then you should not experience any problems. Just make sure not to try and pull any fast ones on us and your account will be OK.



So just don't be a dumbass