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27-07-2005 09:23:50

Hey everyone...just got approved yesterday for freedigitalcameras and I have a question about DHL.

Will DHL leave the package at the door if nobody is home? I'm asking because the camera is being sent to my moms house (im at school now). I will be going home in about 10 days, but nobody is home during the day now and I don't want DHL to send the camera back. I'll probably just wait a few days to place my order to make sure I'll be there to receive it.


27-07-2005 09:28:00

They have done this in the past and it has resulted in packages being stolen so we are trying to prevent them from doing this from now on.


27-07-2005 09:32:05

Ahh ok....I know you probably get this a lot but...

If I placed my order for a camera today, do you have an idea about how long it would take to receive? I should be home by next Friday. From what I've read on these forums, most people took a week to get approved and then they received their cameras within 5 days which seems really fast to me and the reason why I dont want to make my order yet.


27-07-2005 09:50:23

Just to let you know. Just because you place your order today. Doesn't mean it will be shipped yet. People go STV generally around the same time, so you will be waiting for the next STV. If you wait too long and miss the up coming stv(whenever that may be), you will have to wait for the next one. I would go ahead and place your order. Get a friend or someone to get it from your house one day.


27-07-2005 10:13:48

Yeah go ahead and place your order. It'll take more than 10 days to get there.


27-07-2005 11:50:13

I placed my order yesterday on the same site, so we should be shipping right around the same time )


27-07-2005 15:50:04

[quote29ccfdc0b1] placed my order yesterday on the same site[/quote29ccfdc0b1] the order is STV (I loooove Gratis) )


27-07-2005 15:59:06

Sweet, it should ship in few days, and DHL IS supposed to get someone to sign for it. One of my friends just got his, though, and they left it on the doorstep when he wasn't home.


27-07-2005 16:20:00

what if no one is there and DHL just doesn't drop it off? how long until they come by and try to drop it off again? or do they try and contact you first or something?


29-07-2005 14:48:47

My status on freedigitalcameras is showing as "shipped" today, but no tracking number.