Question about HOLD....

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19-10-2004 09:40:28

Alright, my account was put on hold due to 3 rejected referrals... what I'm wondering is this if I find 3 referrals eventually, will I get a chance to re-submit for approval, or do I have to get off of HOLD first?

Has anyone had to deal with this before?



19-10-2004 10:36:35

You can still get ref's while your account is on hold, however just remember that in order to actually get something out of it you'll need to be able to get your account off hold in order to re-submit.

This happened to me too, no ToS violations, just ref's got declined for cancelling too fast.


19-10-2004 10:42:44

About how long did the process take to correct itself? Any idea?


19-10-2004 22:59:37

I e-mailed gratis and also posted in the account issues forum within a day or so of each other and Harry fixed my account right up on his next swing through, which was basicly the next morning after I posted.

I have to say, I am extremely impressed with the quality of customer service Gratis is backing up their great program with. I mean, I posted the issue monday at 5pm and it was responded too and solved the next morning at 7am! And I'm not paying anyone (directly anyway..) to help me out. )