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26-07-2005 11:59:02

i just got approved for freedesktoppc. i am in processing now. how long probably until I get my cyberpower PC? any ideas? D


26-07-2005 12:12:54

Cyberpower takes between 7 and 10 business days to build the machine before they ship it out. My guess would be that you should see the comp in no more than 3 - 4 weeks (I am accounting for any possible delays with this figure).


26-07-2005 12:18:36

wow thanks for the reply Jake! 3 weeks no problem i have waited since October since I originally started and stopped doing this. I cant wait for another site to come out to start!

Thanks Gratis for helping me throughout everything!

Also I have moved sine I signed up originally. I put my new address when I placed my order. Will that trigger anything since it is a different address?


26-07-2005 15:44:45

one other question for anyone who has gotten the cyberpower lately. what is the model number. I dont see the one Gratis is saying, and I wanted to read about it on cyberpower's website.


27-07-2005 14:11:46

i just went STV today! Gratis is fast now. should have it in 7-10 days!!!! D


27-07-2005 14:38:18

Good luck with that. Be sure to post pics.


27-07-2005 15:02:03

[quoted442081e82="J4320"]Good luck with that. Be sure to post pics.[/quoted442081e82]

will do