I dont think im getting my IPoD

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Diam0nd City

19-10-2004 07:30:21

My status on freeipods.com changed to "Shipped" last week but when I put in the reference number M9282LL/A and put my zip code 20784 I get nothing...my status has been changed to shipped for a week now. I emailed gratis for a tracking number and got no reply.


19-10-2004 08:42:03

i dont think im getting mine either.
only because its been 2+ months in stv.

and i cant fedex search, because im nyc and never get a unique match.



19-10-2004 08:50:12

[quote2eabc9843c="hemingway2"]and i cant fedex search, because im nyc and never get a unique match.[/quote2eabc9843c]

i called fedex.
nothing coming to my address that was shipped on 15th, 18th, or 19th.


cant believe im august and people from october are shipped.


19-10-2004 09:55:45

man, do you think we 8's just aren't even going to get our ipods? you think we've just been missed and that's all there is to it?

it sure as hell seems that way. i'm not happy about it at all.... I just don't think it's going to happen now.


19-10-2004 10:15:53

Did you e-mail Gratis?


19-10-2004 10:16:57

[quote2ce7acd7cd="tyketto"]Did you e-mail Gratis?[/quote2ce7acd7cd]

how do we email gratis?

contact info anyone?


19-10-2004 10:18:47

are you serious?


19-10-2004 10:20:09

[quotef022da0981="gchild320"]are you serious?[/quotef022da0981]

am i yes?
or im a moron, becasue their whoel help/faq area doesn't work for me so i cant find their email...


19-10-2004 10:29:59

I emailed Gratis yesterday and haven't heard back yet. I'd emailed them on a couple occassions before and received a reply in 2 hours both times - so I think they're just ignoring my last message. It was a polite message regarding the situation of us August folks - hoping they might shed some light on our plight.


19-10-2004 11:05:49

I'm starting to lose hope just like you...and it's been just over a month of wait for me (