Next Ipod Shipping Date for Canadians

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21-07-2005 10:38:05

Does anyone know when the 20gb's are going to be shipped out for Canadians? I know Jake will probably know... so if you (Jake) could get back to me when you get back from your Vacation that would be great! D


22-07-2005 12:37:55

I have no idea.


22-07-2005 20:54:55

Did you just say that to get an extra post count? Wtf? If you didn't know the answer... why would you even reply? Unless you are a post whore.


28-07-2005 01:56:26

LOL ya, so does anyone know?


28-07-2005 07:14:46

The next Canadian shipment will be very soon.


28-07-2005 19:40:50

[quote3d68dabb74="Jake"]The next Canadian shipment will be very soon.[/quote3d68dabb74]

i see, thnx for the reply )


28-07-2005 20:17:54

[quote15ea91dc92="J4320"]I have no idea.[/quote15ea91dc92]

post whore..

i'd never make a useless post

except this one