WTF? Nothing shows up in status.

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19-07-2005 17:45:59

Used a referal and signed up for real rhapsody on
Nothing shows up in my status box!!!!!!!

What now?

I did also verify my account after i signed up. Does this matter


19-07-2005 19:15:16 shouldn't...i did an offer for a ref I was doing and didn't verify my account until after I was done....went green w/out a hitch after a couple of days )


20-07-2005 00:17:11

What im saying though is nothing shows up under status


20-07-2005 00:38:19

I think what he means is nothing is showing up under MY status. Apparently he clicked all the way through my link, signed up, did offer, and verified account, but isn't even yellow on mine. I checked the link I gave him and it was indeed the correct referal link.

No idea what happened, or what could happen to correct this.