Freehandbags item?

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19-07-2005 09:31:55

What is shipping with FreeHandBags these days? Is it a check or gift cert. or the actual purse?


19-07-2005 10:43:03

I got the burberry handbag, i'm glad i didn't want the giftcard


20-07-2005 20:00:26

i ONLY wanted the camel Coach bag and it was "out of stock."
i asked if they could let me wait so i could have it at a later answer. i asked if i could have a diff gift card because i didnt like either of the or Coach bags on either site. no answer. so i emailed them and said just give me the ashford card. i hope i get the Coach bag. i didnt want any other.


20-07-2005 20:01:51

Can't really be picky on these freebies, thats how i see it