Can i sign up for same offer on different sites?

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18-07-2005 19:07:09

If i sign up for say on one site then go to give someone else a referal and sign up for again. Is this allowed?

How about if i sign up theyt get credit and i cancel. Sign up at another site for same offer since previously the guy got credit and i already canceled


18-07-2005 19:11:46

you can only do an offer once. if you do it more than once you will be put on hold

this has been answered before, use the search function


18-07-2005 20:48:44

yeah, I agree with Aguy, don't mess with the system you will get caught.


18-07-2005 22:18:50

all trial offers are based on being a 1st time customer, which is why you are offered a free trial or a discounted trial.

you cant be a 1st time customer more than once so you're not eligible after your 1st time.