Video Professor ONLINE offer?

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18-07-2005 10:10:05

I did this offer 4 days ago and have not gotten credit. So much for instant credit. I hope I dont have to get the credit manually b/c I would have cancelled this offer by that time.

Does it matter if you cancel b4 you attempt to get the credit manually?


18-07-2005 12:39:06

I sure hope it doesn't matter b/c I'm in the same boat...Did the offer on the 13th, and so I cancelled today, but still no credit. I better still get credit..I mean I followed all of Gratis' instructions for the offer (


18-07-2005 22:57:17

I did that offer and never received credit either so after 5 days i just requested manual and got credit the next day D


19-07-2005 12:32:20

I got credit for mine today on the 6th day. I canceled it yesterday so apparently that doesn't matter much....Oh well even though it wasn't instant at least it went through )