Real Rhapsody / Video Professor - 2 questions...

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kingpin nyc

15-07-2005 06:03:46

Its been past a week since I signed up for Real Rhapsody's service and it hasn't gone green yet. Still having problems with this?

I also signed up for Video Professor Online about 2 days ago and never received the instant credit. If I haven't gone green within 5 days, can I still cancel the free trial? There is a 5 day trial on this offer.



15-07-2005 08:28:13

Probally have a problem with your cookies or browser or something, when I did Real Rhapsody i got credit like THAT!


15-07-2005 10:18:04

I had a delay with the video professor online as well. I did eventually get credit for it. It doesn't say anything about staying on past the trial, so I'd screenshot the confirmation screen (I do this for all offers I do) and keep a copy of the e-mail they send and cancel. Then if you never get credit send a support ticket to Gratis and provide that proof

ipod chick

15-07-2005 10:57:19

RR hasn't credited me either and it's been over 7 days, I'll just wait till the 15th day. I do have a confirm email though. Did you ast least get that?


15-07-2005 11:07:52

DO NOT USE FIREFOX..if you use IE i bet if you did those offers they would have credited when they should have


15-07-2005 13:00:35

I used IE and still had to get manual credit for RR. I think a bigger factor might be your credit card company and how fast they approve the payment.

kingpin nyc

15-07-2005 13:13:07

My card has been charged by RR AND VideoProf THAT DAY and the charges went through already. I got an email from RR but never got one from VideoProf, although I can login to the VideoProf site with the name I registered with. I emailed VideoProf for another confirm email or receipt of payment for some proof.